Planning for Gorilla Trekking in Congo can be confusing without knowledge about the country and National Parks Parks. Previously known as The Belgian Congo and more recently Zaire, the Democratic Republic of Congo has experienced a series of wars that have led to civil unrest. However, as the second largest country in Africa with a population of 78.74 million people, the country has vast untapped human and natural resources. Her potential for great wealth in the future is attributed to the large deposits of oil, gold, diamonds and other mineral resources. Moreover, the DR Congo is blessed with great tourism resources ranging from the vast virgin tropical rain forests like the Congo, mountains, bubbling crater lakes, water bodies and rare bird and animal species like the Okapi and pygmy chimpanzee (Bonobos) – many of which have yet to be discovered. Whereas some of her neighbors can brag about having most of the remaining families of mountain gorillas, the Democratic Republic of Congo is the only country in the world where you can spot both lowland and mountain gorillas. They even quietly have the endangered golden monkeys.